If you’ve been keeping up with makeup trends recently, you may be familiar with the new paper eyelashes, which blend the art of Chinese paper-cutting with faux fringe. The designs are always intricate, ranging from butterflies to flowers to sea creatures. They look stunning, but it can be tough to pull them off without the right makeup to offset them.

When you’re wearing such “look at me” fake lashes, you want the rest of your face to stay understated. Bold lips, cheeks and lids would only compete with the effect, so it’s crucial to stay neutral.

On your eyes, it’s best to use a light brown eyeshadow to create a bit of depth on your lids, then use a liquid eyeliner to make a thick line along your upper lashes, where the falsies will be.

For your cheeks, a natural flush is best, so stick with a peachy-pink blush along your cheekbones. The same goes for lips, so use a gloss like GloMinerals – gloLiquid Lips for a hint of shine. Your detailed lashes will rake in all of the compliments.

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