Picture yourself in bed ready to fall asleep. Are you on your back? Your stomach? Your side? Believe it or not, the position you sleep in can really affect the way your skin looks, according to Allure magazine.

“If you want to look younger longer, not sleeping on your side is right up there with not smoking and not sunbathing,” Mary Lupo, clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University School of Medicine, told the news source. “When women come to me, I can always tell if they’re side sleepers,” she adds.

If you notice wrinkles along the side of your nose, dark undereye circles or little red bumps on your face, sleeping on your side may be to blame. While changing your sleeping habits isn’t easy, you might want to rethink which way your head hits the pillow.

It can also help to use a product like PETER THOMAS ROTH – Un-Wrinkle Night. With tons of proven anti-aging ingredients, this night treatment packs a powerful punch.

It’s also a good idea to always wash your face before and after sleeping to prevent transferring bacteria to and from your pillow. Exuviance – Purifying Cleansing Gel will do the trick.

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