If you’re looking for a new nail art look to try, New York Fashion Week’s got you covered. While the huge designers were showing off their fashion skills, top manicurists were getting equally creative with the designs they sent down the runways. The Tracy Reese show was no exception – according to Allure Magazine, the pointed half-moon manicures that the models rocked were totally drool-worthy. Here’s how to create them yourself.

The half-moon refers to the semicircle at the top of your nail, near your cuticle, which is whiter than the rest of your nail. You’ll be focusing on this area when it comes time to create the look.

But first you’ll need to use a base coat as usual, then choose a color for the main portion of your nail. You’ll want the two colors to be complementary, which shouldn’t be too hard to find with so many nail polishes to choose from. Paint on two thin coats.

When that’s completely dry (which should take about 30 minutes), use scotch tape to outline a triangle shape at the top of each nail. Stick it on your hand first to get rid of the stickiness, which might rip off the polish underneath when removed. Then just fill in the triangle with your second color, let dry and paint on a top coat. Done!

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