One of the hottest looks of the season may seem more suited for the summer, but is heating up the winter just fine – bright pink lipstick. This ultra-feminine trend has graced such famous faces as Kate Bosworth and The X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd, but there are a few things women should be aware of before painting their pouts.

Because a bold color can draw attention to flakes and cracks, make sure to keep your lips conditioned and smooth by applying a hydrating lip balm. If your pout is especially rough, exfoliate gently using a soft toothbrush to remove dead skin.

Look for a lipstick that boasts a subtle sheen – matte color can look to dry and a high-shine gloss can be too much when paired with such a bright color.

However, deciding on the shade of lipstick isn’t the only color decision you’ll have to make – you must also make sure you have the right blush to pair with it. If you often wear warm tones on your cheeks but opt for a lip color with cool undertones, you’ll need to select a cool-colored blush as well.

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