It’s no secret that creating a natural-looking appearance can often take more time and products than crafting a smoky eye and complicated up ‘do. But don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed by trying to look effortless – even one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood can relate to your troubles.

While Kate Hudson is known for her easy going style, it seems that a lot goes in to appearing flawlessly fresh-faced.

“I’m wearing every product on the shelf,” Hudson told InStyle magazine.”Seriously, after an event it can take four washcloths to remove the ‘natural look.'”

As for wearing her hair curly or straight, the blonde beauty may not decide how to style her strands until after she glances outside.

“It depends on the weather,” Hudson added. “Unlike most women, I love the humidity. It helps enhance my natural curl.”

Gals who use a plethora of items to create a natural appearance should remember the importance of removing products and giving their skin and hair a break. Each night, use a makeup remover that is both gentle and moisturizing, like Borghese Gel Delicato Gentle Makeup Remover. Once a week, use a special hair shampoo that gets rid of product build-up, such as June Jacobs Citrus Clarifying Shampoo.