From Nicki Minaj to the candy-hued runways at Fashion Week, it’s clear that the current trend is to load up on the color. However, some women may feel a bit apprehensive dying their strands to match the rainbow or painting on an orange pout and lime eyeliner.

But even the shyest ladies can embrace this look instead of hiding in a world of beige, with a great trick recently employed by Ashley Benson at her 21 birthday party in Las Vegas. The blonde actress showed up wearing black and tan from head-to-toe, opting for natural-looking makeup that paired well with her neutral duds.

However, she did infuse her look with a bit of brightness in a stellar but subtle way – turquoise nail polish! Her bold manicure kept the young starlet from appearing too mature, and added a bit of whimsy to an otherwise sophisticated and sultry look.

Ladies looking to play around with eye-catching shades of lacquer should remember to invest in a high-quality base coat and top coat. The former will keep the bright polish from staining the nails and the latter will help prevent chipping, which is most noticeable when sporting a vibrant color of nail polish.

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