Whether you’re getting ready for work or for a New Year’s Eve bash, women who want to create a truly memorable look may want to use liquid eyeliner. But instead of reaching for the standard black formula, makeup artist Charlotte Willer recommends getting creative.

“Play with colors! Try using more than one shade of liner – apply black liner on the bottom lid and a brighter shade, like purple, blue, or green on top,” Willer told Style.com. “Another fun trick is to use a dark liner from the inner corner to the middle part of the eye, then finish with a lighter or brighter color from the middle to the outer corner.”

Ladies with an unsteady hand no longer need to feel intimidated by tricky liquid eyeliner. According to Willer, use one hand to lift your brow and the other to draw the liner – this will create a smoother surface and make applying the product easier.

However, sometimes mistakes are made and you need a quick and easy way to fix your flub. Willer suggests removing the error with a cotton swab dipped in a bit of facial moisturizer.

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