Colorful mascara’s been making a splash in the beauty world lately, showing up on runway models and celebrities across the globe. It’s predicted to be a big trend for fall, and blues, greens and purples are the most popular colors. Reds, oranges and yellows have also been spotted though, so there are plenty of choices. But how can you pull this new look off without looking silly?

First, choose a color that makes sense for your skin tone, eye color and outfit. You don’t want to be mixing shades that aren’t complementary unless you’re a pro when it comes to colorblocking. Purple is flattering on mostly everyone, while blue eyes can be highlighted with red mascara and brown eyes can be flattered with blue. Green would be a great choice for green-eyed ladies. You can try a product like Butter London Electralash Colour Amplifying Mascara Inky Six.

Second, keep the rest of your makeup understated. All you need is a neutral blush, lip color and eyeliner. Don’t attempt to match your eyeshadow to the mascara – that’s going a little overboard. If you’re hesitant to embrace the trend full-on, ease yourself in with a barely noticeable change.

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