Shaving every day can really irritate your skin – especially if you need to run that razor over some of the most sensitive areas of your skin. Ladies know that shaving their legs, armpits and bikini lines can leave them with itchy stubble, dry skin and ingrown hairs, while men often struggle to keep their faces clear of the five o’clock shadow without giving them a vicious razor burn. So how can you save your skin?

While letting your leg hair grow free and wild may be an option in the wintertime, shaving becomes a daily occurrence when the weather turns warm and you break out all those skirts, shorts and dresses. If your legs are screaming for a little comfort, try applying lotion right after you get out of the shower. For an added benefit, try a moisturizer that contains a sunless tanner, so you can achieve that summer glow even if you never get a chance to leave the office. For armpits, pick a deodorant that contains a moisturizer so you can keep your skin quenched.

As for the fellas, shaving your face can leave you with a raw feeling that lasts all morning. Apply some moisturizing aftershave to prevent unsightly razor burn around those kissable cheeks and lips – your face (and girlfriend!) will thank you.

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