Biting your nails isn’t attractive. Not only is it potentially dangerous, as your nails harbor tons of bacteria, but it ruins your nail beds and makes your hands look exactly like they’ve been gnawed on all day. Having healthier nails can make you feel more confident about yourself, so why not try to kick the habit? Here’s how to go about doing it, according to Glamour magazine.

If you haven’t already tried a no-bite product, invest in one. These go on your nails and taste awful, so you won’t want to have your fingertips anywhere near your mouth. Tabasco sauce also works if you dip each nail in it (that is, of course, unless you like the taste).

If you regularly bite your nails to fix breaks or rough spots, carry a nail file in your purse so you won’t have to rely on your teeth. Use a nail treatment product like Talika – Nail Regenerator Serum to bring your dead nails back to life and get them looking normal again.

That being said, it helps to invest in a good nail polish that will make your nails look great and prevent you from biting them. Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers have plenty of colors to choose from for DIY manicures. Keep your nails painted and pretty so you won’t be tempted to ruin them.

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