We’re willing to bet that more women suffer from oily skin at the end of the day than those who actually come stocked to handle these issues. Beyond preaching to all of you about the importance of carrying face wipes around, we thought some of you would enjoy this handy little trick.

Bella Sugar editor Annie Tomlin recently reported on one of Sarah Jessica Parker‘s best beauty secrets. You know those toilet seat covers you use to protect your bum? They’re made of the same waxy material as most oil-removing face wipes, which means you can always rip off a piece and dab away the shiny when you’re stuck in a jam at work or at a bar.

Other savvy women might decide they’d rather forgo this issue altogether.

If you’re a preemptive type, stock up on shine control skincare products that can help tame excess oil before they get a chance to smudge up your day. Combine Phytomer Oligopur Shine Control Purifying Mask with Phytomer Oligopur Hydra-Matifying Control Cream for the optimum dewy complexion.

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