You can’t win ’em all, but plenty of surveys have shown that most people tend to gravitate toward women with natural-looking makeup. It’s the guideline, after all, when dressing to impress for a job interview, and this is one thing that seems to be fairly universal.

“I’ve had male friends tell me they’re wary of a woman who wears a lot of cosmetics because they fear what lies beneath, but most of them don’t seem to mind when it’s applied to look natural,” Sarah Wexler writes on, pointing out that many famous celebrity couples involve a man who loves his woman looking effortlessly au naturale.

That doesn’t mean men necessarily prefer women when they’re sans-makeup, as Wexler points out. Makeup applied to enhance your natural features without looking overt or obvious is a winning option when negotiating this territory, which is one of the many reasons so many ladies have been all over mineral makeup as of late.

Mineral makeup is a step up in beauty technology, as it can often do the job of a base, concealer and finishing powder in one – all while using all-natural ingredients and providing a fresh, clean, barely-there finish to your radiant complexion.

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