There are many different ways you can shine in the summer, but not all of them are necessarily desirable. This season, make sure you’ve got all the right tools handy to keep oiliness to a minimum – and your natural brilliance at an all-time high.

Different people are more prone to shine than others, but just about any lady could benefit from carrying a few blotting sheets in her purse. Expert tip: if you’re in a bind, tearing off a small piece of a toilet seat cover acts just as well as any specialized tissue you’d carry around in your purse.

As for your tresses, not all ladies are wont to shower as often as they’d need to to keep greasy locks at bay, in which case a dry mattifying shampoo will be the ultimate saving grace for your hair this summer.

“By mattifying oil, the product restores body to hair, and because it’s a lightweight product, it’s easy to carry around in your purse for when your hairstyle starts to wilt midafternoon,” the Columbia Tribune advises.

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