There are few beauty bummers worse than razor burn in the summer – especially when it decides to flare up just before that nice beach vacation you had planned for weeks. Fortunately, there are definite steps you can take to make sure this little issue has no place in any of your future summer plans.

First, check your razor. Most shaving issues start and end with the newness and quality of the blade you’re using. If you’re especially prone to irritation, use a new blade every time and don’t settle for cheap disposable brands.

Second, make sure you’re using the right products. A gel-based shaving cream designed for sensitive skin is best. You should also avoid using products with fragrances or other potentially pore-clogging substances. Similarly, you should also avoid using lotion on the area after shaving (or scrubbing harshly on the premise that exfoliating will help liberate trapped hairs). All of these practices only serve to irritate skin further – when in doubt, use deodorant on the area after shaving – seriously!

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