Ever wondered how Koreans manage to magically defy age? Do they have an actual fountain of youth? Did they win the genetic lottery?

No, No, and probably, yes. But it isn’t as much in the gene as it is in the routine. Koreans really know how to take care of their skin. And what’s been their secret for centuries is now becoming the hottest beauty trend across the world.

K-beauty Trends are Taking over the World

Speaking of K-beauty trends, we aren’t just talking about under the eye blush or ombre lips. We are talking about a serious skincare regimen that gives them a flawless canvas, to begin with. K-beauty is all about appearing more youthful and fresh naturally. They love to create an illusion that there is no makeup. And the first step towards that kind of look is a skin that doesn’t actually need too much makeup.

It is exactly why Koreans have been traditionally following a regular skin care regimen with beneficial ingredients derived from natural sources.

Sounds like a lot of work?

The key is to start simple – as simple as the following quick fixes that you can include in your skincare routine right away.

Give Yourself a Facial Massage

Don’t wait for your next spa trip. Give yourself a massage at least twice a month if not every week. You can use your favorite cream or serum, but there are tons of K-beauty specials you can include.

The real Korean facial is also known as the ten-step facial these days. It involves ten steps including toning, cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. With the right products, you will get a spa-like glow at home.

With every product, gently massage in a circular motion and tap with the fingertips to ensure better absorption of the products.

Use a Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are one of another popular beauty trend that comes from Korea. These masks have gained popularity because they can be amazing. They are super hydrating and also offer instant firmness to the face. There is a huge variety of sheet masks for different types of skin and skin care concerns.

One of our favorites here at Beauty Bridge is the Lapothicell Division Mask Pack. It is loaded with a serum containing Niacinamide, Alpha-bisabolol, and Chamomile extracts, among other ingredients. The mask will instantly brighten up dull skin while magically improving uneven skin tone. It can cleanse your skin from deep within and nourish it with the nutrients essential for a healthy glow.

Air Dry Your Face – Ditch the Towel

Your regular cotton towel is too abrasive for your skin, which means you could be inviting early aging with every wipe. Not to mention, towels, even the microfiber ones, can house millions of bacteria waiting to jump on your face.

These are all the reasons Korean women don’t use towels on the face. They usually avoid any kind of dry wipe after they wash their faces. They let it air dry instead.

That is even more important if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin. So, ditch the towel and let your face air dry. And while you are waiting, that is the best time to apply your moisturizer.

Follow the 10-Second Rule

The ten-second rule is an essential part of the Korean beauty regimen. It is a simple change that can make a huge difference for your skin.

According to the rule, you should apply your toner and moisturizer within 10 seconds of the shower or washing your face.

It makes complete sense. Your skin is squeaky clean and your pores are generally open right after the shower. This means more products will get absorbed deeper into the skin, and you will see faster, better results.

Use an Essence

Essence is something we rarely heard about before the K-beauty invasion. Now, we know that it is an essential part of the Korean skincare routine. It is neither a toner nor a serum; let’s just get that out of the way first. They are more potent than a toner but not as concentrated as serums. Compared to serums, they are watery and easier to apply. They also maintain the PH balance of the skin.

If you are looking for a good essence to include in your skincare, Lapothicell Toning Essence Facial Hydrating Booster is the one that can show you why it is so important. You will love the instant improvement in your skin tone and texture.

Use the Korean Blurring Trick

Koreans were blurring their skin long before we started seeing that term in makeup and skincare. We haven’t quite perfected it like them. K-beauty has all kinds of blurring products that allow you to cover imperfections without a visible layer of product.

Cushion foundations are just an example of these blurring products. The difference is not just in the formula but also in the way these products are applied. The product is sheer and watery and needs to be applied in a dabbing motion using the specific applicator.

One of our must-have blurring wonders is Mirenesse 10 Collagen cushion compact foundation. It contains collagen that enhances the youthful freshness while blurring the flaws away.

Use a Sleeping Pack

Skincare experts have been saying it for a while: night is when your skin is more receptive to change. That is why they tell you to apply your moisturizers and serums before bed and let them do their magic while you sleep.

K-beauty takes it to the next level with sleeping packs. Some face packs are like masks, others are like your regular moisturizer. The difference is in the formula, which is exclusively created to release actives over a period of a few hours. This way, your skin is able to absorb the maximum amount of ingredients over time.

Reviva Labs Activated Charcoal Might Crème is a brilliant time-release formula that lets you make the most out of each application. It detoxes, moisturizes, and repairs your skin as you sleep and the results are visible in the morning.

Drink Barley Tea

Did we not mention k-beauty is not just about products? Well, it involves many lifestyle changes, and some of them can be as simple as switching to barley tea. Barely tea is an excellent detox. It gets rids of the free radicals that cause aging.

It is full of healthy antioxidants and can enhance your blood circulation. Switch your favorite beverage with barley tea and you will notice a change within weeks.

Do Mouth Exercise

This is another minor change in your lifestyle that will up your beauty and self-care game. You need to add mouth exercises to your daily routine. It is best to do it early in the morning, when people prefer to do yoga.

These exercises are kind of like facial yoga, but they are also called mouth stretches. You can start with the simplest one. For starters, pronounce your vowels while completely engaging your mouth and jaw. It might look funny but it can do wonders for facial muscles. It will keep them tight and flexible. A-E-I-O-U and done!

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