October 11, 2011

Lazy Hair Day Fix

Not every woman wakes up in the morning ready to whip out the styling products and go to town on her hair. In fact, many women barely manage to make it out the door on time without doing much more than pulling their hair back, which is completely okay, but not exactly pretty. That’s why easy hair fixes are such godsends – everyone could use them.

The main accessory you’ll need is a headband. You can go glamorous with a sparkly metallic number, a cluster of feathers, or a cute bow. You could also just get a headband that blends in with your hair for a no-nonsense look. Regardless of what type, headbands can save your style in the morning no matter what.

For a wavy hairstyle, just put your wet hair into a bun the night before after showering. Use a bit of Anthony Logistics – Hair Gel (Alcohol – Free) to hold the waves, then just let loose and slip on a headband in the morning.

You could also pull your hair back into a sleek bun, using Hamadi – Shea Conditioning Spray for some extra shine and smoothing. Just throw on that headband to add interest and hold back any stray fly aways, then you’re good to go!

Image Credit: Brit.co

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