For whatever reason, celebrities have been donning a couple of really strange nail shapes that make their manicures look more costume-y than real-world compatible. Take Fergie for example, who rocked an extremely pointed shape recently that looked like it could easily take an eye out. Snooki and other Jersey Shore girls have been showing up with flared, “duck bill” nails, which are wide and square at the ends.

These shapes are good for stars who want to show off their fashion-forward styles, but otherwise they shouldn’t really be taken into consideration by anyone who’s not on TV. Not only are they impractical, but many ladies think the weird shapes are unattractive.

Instead, opt for a “squoval” shape that’s reminiscent of the natural shape of your nails. Whether you go long or short is up to you and your lifestyle. If you have contacts or use your cell phone to text a lot, long nails might not be practical. No matter what shape and length you rock, Lippmann Collection Hard Rock Hydrating Nail Hardener can make your nails stronger, while BABOR Nail Treatment Oil can hydrate and restructure your digits.

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