Neon nail polish is going to be a huge trend this summer, but some ladies might feel like it’s a big commitment. What are you supposed to wear with vivid nails? Should the rest of your makeup be understated? Will everyone be staring at your hands? Don’t worry! There’s a simple way to ease yourself into the trend.

Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog recently featured a neon and nude manicure found on Pinterest. Dubbed “the halo effect,” this manicure relies on an undercoat of bright nail polish and a neutral, flesh-toned color on top, which doesn’t cover the entire nail. You could do it with bubblegum pink, lime green, yellow or orange – whatever floats your boat!

Just paint on two coats of neon polish, like you’d find in the Deborah Lippmann collection. Then, use a toothpick dipped in a nude polish from Lippmann Collection to draw a circular shape on your nail that’s slightly inside the edges. Fill it in, then finish up with a topcoat and you’ve got an unexpected mani that won’t be too in-your-face!

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