June is almost here, which means you may want to start gearing up for hotter weather, breezier fashions and melt-proof cosmetics. To help you navigate the world of warm-weather beauty products, we spoke with Josephine Fusco, an industry professional, for the inside pre-summer scoop.

Fusco, a New York-based makeup artist, has been passionate about beauty and creating a pretty facial palette ever since she was a child. “I remember watching my mom from the other side of her makeup kit and mirror being mesmerized at how she applied [hers] glamorously,” she admits.

Here’s Fusco’s take on how to look your best throughout the sultriest season of the year.

When it comes to makeup this summer, what do you think will be trending?

Color is going to be very big.  It’s hot for spring and it will only continue through the summer. [Think] bright fuchsias, corals and tangerines. The matte lip that has been showcased the last two months is beautiful and you will be seeing it a lot this summer – but even brighter.

What do you think is the best way to ensure makeup stays on all day long in the warmer weather?

During the summer months, we produce more oils because of the heat and humidity. But, in order to make your makeup stay on all day long, it starts with the proper skincare. Always wash your face with a cleanser and then moisturize. After that, I tell my clients to always start with a primer right before [adding] any makeup. There are so many fantastic ones on the market now – you can find one that will combat just about any problem you are facing, whether you have oily skin, rosacea or dullness. Primer sets your face and prepares it for the rest of your application. Think of painting…you always put a primer [on] first to ensure that everything is prepared for the painting process so that it keeps everything in place and fills in any lines.

Do you have any helpful skincare tips for women this season?

Yes! Always wear SPF. Skin cancer is at an all-time high! Even [when] walking from the door to the car, you are putting your skin at risk and it also leads to skin damage, which will then turn into premature aging. Who wants that? I know I don’t. If you find it hard to add a few products into your regimen, try and go with one that has combined ingredients. If you are the type of woman to invest a few minutes each day into your skin, then add a serum to your beauty routine! After washing your face, add a serum that is packed with antioxidants, [reduces] fine lines and wrinkles and adds UV protection (once a day).  This will treat your skin and nourish it – leaving it glowing throughout the summer.

Is there any celebrity out there who, in your opinion, always gets her makeup right?

My all-time fave is Kim Kardashian, but for most women, they feel it’s too much. She always has makeup that flows. It’s never, ever, too little or too much.  It’s blended throughout her entire face each and every time you see her – from her eyes to the lashes, shading/contouring [and] the right colors for her pout.  There are ways to recreate her look without huge amounts of makeup. Charlize Theron, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jennifer Lopez are always after this. They always have makeup on that compliments their [faces], bringing out their beauty – not covering it up and masking it. Always radiant!

What do you think is the one makeup item women can’t live without this summer?

Bronzer! It’s a necessity. The right way to apply bronzer is a C-formation from the cheek to the temple, a drop down the bridge of the nose and the center of the neck. It will give you an instant glow. You can also use it as an eyeshadow or contour your cheekbones with it!

For more information on Fusco, visit www.MakeupByJosephine.com.

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