Scottish singer-songwriter Lulu, most well known in the United States for her 1967 hit “To Sir, with Love,” turns 62-years-old at the beginning of November, and the beautiful songstress recently shared a few of her beauty secrets with The Telegraph.

“Women my age shouldn’t buy a foundation that’s too heavy, or you can avoid it altogether by just using a concealer over the areas you feel you need some coverage,” she told the news source. “For me, that means over broken veins and on a particular freckle above my lip, which drives me mad.”

However, while Lulu may not endorse more mature women using an all-over foundation, she does praise the benefits of contouring, as shading can be useful when ladies get older. She recommends using a foundation that is one shade darker than your skin tone, and a highlighter pen to add brightness.

Additionally, the Scottish beauty also spoke of the benefits of a great lip liner.

“Find a nude lip pencil close to your own lip color, and apply all over the lip. It’ll make lips look fuller, which we need as we get older,” she told the news provider. “Then put your normal lipstick or lip gloss on top. Gone are the days when you’d have a thick, dark line circling your mouth.”