Whether you’re all about natural hues or can’t resist flaunting some bold shades on those perfect lips, the last thing you want is your lipstick becoming patchy or disappearing from places. As important as it is to find the best formula that has you covered all day long, a few fool-proof methods at hand will further guarantee that your lipstick stays where it is meant to be and doesn’t end up staining the cocktail glass. The secrets are revealed below, so keep reading.

Exfoliate Them Lips!
The Sexiest Beauty – Liplove Sugar Exfoliating Lip Scrub

Dry weather can particularly be very harsh on our lips. To ensure they stay soft and supple, you need to regularly use a hydrating scrub and exfoliate your lips. The smoother the surface, the better the canvas you have to paint. So that would be our step no. 1.

Give your lips the love and care they deserve using a gentle and natural scrub for exfoliation. We recommend The Sexiest Beauty’s Liplove Sugar Exfoliating Lip Scrub as it perfectly buffs away the chapping. This exfoliator is rich with vanilla and mint ingredients that give it both flavor and texture, leaving your lips oh-so-kissable.

Enjoy the potent nourishing using this sugar scrub enriched with the goodness of multiple essential vitamins, protective antioxidants, and shea butter. Prepare your lips for lasting lip color all day by first getting your hands on the best lip scrub.

Luscious Lip Mask
Grande Cosmetics – Grande POUT Plumping Lip Mask

What if I tell you that this additional step would make all the difference to your lipstick application experience!? While applying lipstick shouldn’t be so complicated, a lip mask gives them the perfect texture by prepping up for a smoother application and maximizing lipstick wear time.

And this isn’t just any lip mask we’re talking about. The Grande POUT Plumping Lip Mask by the Grande Cosmetics is a magical product that doesn’t only improve the texture of your lips, but also plumps them up with moisture to give out a much smoother look.

Volulip, the key ingredient in the blend, helps form a structural layer on the lips that hydrates them and also helps reduce wrinkles and lines on your lips. You can enjoy that smooth lip texture for up to 72 hours after one application – not bad!

Prep and Prime
Lord & Berry – ACTIVE SPA Lip Balm and Primer Neutral

Prime the face and the eyes, then why not the lips! Just like adding a layer of primer is essential to ensure your face and eye makeup is more vibrant and long-lasting, the primer for lips offers the same. Prime your lips to finally prepare them for the lipstick. Here’s what we recommend.

The ACTIVE SPA Lip Balm and Primer Neutral by Lord & Berry is the go-to lip primer that never fails to amaze us with its excellent results. It gives your lip color more vibrancy and works as the protective barrier for your lips against the drying effects of the weather.

Enjoy instant hydration and suppleness as you apply this primer. It gives a natural glossy finish, so regardless of the lipstick texture you will use next, it will glide on smoothly.

Line it Up!
Mirenesse Cosmetics – Kissproof Matte Liner Duo Nude Plums

If you skip a lip liner, you’re surely missing out on a lot. Not only a lip liner draws an outline for easy lipstick application, it gives a basic layer of color to make your lipstick last long without bleeding or feathering. This is particularly critical for darker shades. Don’t forget to fill in the entire lip after lining the edges for long-lasting color.

Our favorite lip liners are the Kissproof Matte Liner Duo by Mirenesse Cosmetics in Nude Plums. The package includes two of the most usable and stunning lip liner shades that complement a number of lip colors. These are the classic, most flattering lip liners to flaunt classy nude lips.

The super-hydrating and creamy formula is easy to glide on the edges for a smooth outline. These lip liners will help you achieve the ideal lip base for your lipstick regardless of your lipstick formula.

The Right Formula!
Eleman Beauty Moscow Matte Liquid Lipstick

The formula you choose can make or break the deal. If long-lasting lip color is what you’re after, choose the lipstick formula accordingly. A high-quality matte liquid lipstick that offers the perfect coverage and guarantees a lasting formula is exactly what you need. If you’d love to flaunt a sexy red pout, we’ve got the best recommendation for you.

The Eleman Beauty Moscow Matte Liquid Lipstick defines a super-lasting and most comfortable formula for your lips. It has the perfect shade that complements many skin tones. Give your lips the perfect color with a soft touch that feels comfortable even after hours of wearing.

The creamy, velvety formula is hard to ignore. If you take care of all the above steps and apply your lipstick with precision, it will never crack, dry out, or bleed on your lips, we promise! Try it out yourself!

Mix and Match!
Mellow Cosmetics – Creamy Matte Lipstick

Get creative and invent your own unique shade and formula that would last you for hours without cracking. How about combining creamy matte lipstick with liquid lipstick? Or a few matte lipsticks until you get the desired shade and lasting impact? Interesting, right?

If that sounds like a plan, get your hands on the creamiest, most richly formulated matte lipsticks that will stay put for hours without looking patchy. Available in a variety of stunning shades, the Creamy Matte Lipsticks by Mellow is your best bet.

Get your hands on a few and try the mix and match method for a stunning lip shade that lasts.

Bonus tip: Once the lipstick is on, try blotting it and use a setting powder to set it up for more lasting results.