Everyone knows that warm weather equals shorts weather, and whether you’re the kind of girl who shaves every day or once a month, you’re probably keen on getting the smoothest, sexiest pair of legs around to better flaunt those summer outfits.

Arguably, the best (and most enduring) way to get a smooth pair of legs is to heat up the wax, but we know some of you will stick to the tried and true razor no matter what – just don’t let some of the tried and untrue methods of your past keep you from getting the best results.

If you’ve been using the same shaving cream for years and still wind up with all kinds of nicks and bumps, perhaps it’s time to switch. Look for products designed especially for sensitive skin, and avoid those with pore-clogging fragrances. These ultimately help exacerbate razor burn.

No matter what kind of product you use, it’s a good idea to leave it on your skin for awhile to let it soak up the product, according to Glamour.com. “More moisture equals fewer nicks,” the news source explains.

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