It’s hard enough to find time to give your hands and feet the proper treatment they deserve, but it’s even worse to squander your efforts with one careless swipe of your hand. If you’re in need of some expert strategies to help prolong the life of your manicure, simply read on.

1. Invest in some toe-separating wedges if you haven’t got any. Most people aren’t born with toes that don’t slightly overlap in some places, which is sort of difficult to navigate if you’re trying to get your polish to set properly. Leave these in till your polish is totally dry.

2. Investigate some quick-drying techniques. According to, you can get your nails to dry completely in just 3 minutes if you submerge them into a bucket of ice cold water. Just make sure they’ve had at least 2 minutes to dry first, and you should be well on your way to dried-nail perfection.

3. Use a top coat! We can’t stress this enough. A good top coat will dramatically extend the life of your manicure (not to mention that extra bit of gleam).

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