Seeing as there are so many different skin tones out there, it seems unlikely that any one shade would flatter them all. However, these miracle hues do exist, according to Allure magazine. Here are a few to try out for yourself.

1. Rich purple eyeshadow. Since the color is a mix of cool blue and warm red, it works with all skin tones. Just look for one with less red, like Paula Dorf – Eye Color in Hussy.

2. Navy eyeliner. No matter what color eyes you have, navy liner will make them pop.

3. Peachy blush. Much more neutral than pink, peach blush looks good on everyone. Try Jane Iredale – PurePressed Blush in Warm Apricot.

4. Metallic gold. Unlike bronze or silver, gold works for everyone. As long as you choose a shimmery color that isn’t matte, you should be good to go with golden lids.

5. Plain old red. Unlike brick red, berry red or orange-red shades, a real red is flattering on every woman’s lips. Just go for the most straightforward hue you can find and work it.

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