Nobody was born perfect, but luckily, there are plenty of tricks that celebrity makeup artists use to fake a flawless face. Steal one of these tips for fixing up one of your problem areas.

Bigger eyes
To make your eyes look bigger, skip the black eyeliner, which makes your eyes look smaller just like an LBD slims your figure. Use a different shade instead, like Too Faced – Metal Eyed Liner, for a pop of color. Then, use a shimmery shadow along your eyes’ inner corners and make sure to curl your lashes, which will make your peepers look wide awake.

Perfect skin
Washing your face and using an acne treatment (like Sothys – Desquacrem, which clarifies your complexion) can help make your skin more flawless, but if you do have a blemish, using a concealer brush to apply makeup is more effective than just using your fingers. It can reach into the crevices of the pimple better. Use a powder to seal everything in place.

Smaller nose
You can make your nose look a bit smaller with a strategic makeup application. Use your regular foundation, then swipe on a line of highlighter down the center of the bridge. This will make the darker sides look slimmer. Use a translucent powder on top to keep the colors intact.

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