There’s nothing wrong with having closely set eyes, but some women like to mix it up every now and then by making their eyes appear farther apart. If you’re looking for makeup tricks to help you achieve this, you’re in the right place.

According to The Beauty Department, the effect can easily be achieved by using strategic eyeshadow placement at the outer corners of your eyes. In particular, darker shadows should start at the middle of your eyelid and extend all the way to the ends of your brows.

Sweep a shadow outward and upward, ending parallel to the end of your eyebrow. To darken the color, sweep your eyeshadow brush inward so the most concentrated color stays on the outside of the winged shape you’ve created.

This is similar to a cat eye, but you’re using eyeshadow instead of liquid liner, which is softer and more subtle. Finish up the look with a dusting of illuminating shadow from Pixi – Eye Bright Kit on the inner corners of your eyes, then use mascara on your lashes.

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