There’s nothing worse than catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, only to discover that your face is a totally different shade than your neck. And discover that tell-tale line of foundation just around your jaw? Disaster! If you’ve been using the wrong shade of foundation, it’s time to switch and find a color that actually works for you. Here’s how to figure out which foundation is right for your unique skin tone.

Although most people are good at picking out the right shade of foundation, they often blow it when it comes to tone. Is your skin dark, olive, golden or pink? Gals of Caucasian and Asian origin usually have golden skin undertones, which means that most foundations are designed with them in mind. However, if you’re especially fair, your skin probably has a reddish tint – which means you need to find a foundation that matches those rosy undertones. Darker gals will have to decide between neutral and warm shades.

To make sure that your foundation will blend with your natural skin color, pick the sheerest product you can get away with. When you apply it to your face, start with your nose, forehead and chin and gently blend outwards toward your cheeks and jawline, and don’t forget to brush a little color over your neck and collarbone to even out your overall look.

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