During the winter months, many women struggle with dry skin that just doesn’t seem to go away. This means that flakes are likely to be present on your face, and your liquid foundation just makes them look worse. Instead of your regular foundation, you might want to try switching to mineral powder formulas in the winter.

According to Marie Claire magazine, mineral powder foundation does a better job of masking dry skin. It seems like the opposite would be true, but mineral foundations actually blend the flakes in with your skin and create a more even texture than liquids.

As long as you begin your routine in the morning with a rich moisturizer, like Illuminare – Moisturizing Mineral Foundation Dewy Finish SPF 20, your mineral powder foundation should skim right over the surface of your skin, creating a flawless look.

Try using Youngblood – Natural Mineral Foundation during the winter months to get the most even-looking complexion. Apply the product using a fluffy kabuki brush and swirl it around your face to get into every area.

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