You may have heard the rule that only one feature on your face should be played up with makeup. This means choosing either bold lips, dramatic eyes or vibrant blush – not a combination of the three. However, celebrities are beginning to take risks in this department by combining two bold features, and you can too.

Glamour magazine’s beauty blog pointed out that stars like Zoe Saldana and Jessica Lowndes appeared at a pre-Golden Globes party recently wearing both bright lips and richly done-up eyes. Saldana sported thick black eyeliner with tomato-red lips, while Lowndes sported a berry-hued lip with darkly lined lids.

The key to pulling off this look is to choose colors that aren’t too bright. Avoid super red lipstick with too much matte or shine. You want a happy medium, like you’d find with a Tint for Cheeks & Lips. Your lips should have a satiny finish that blends in with your face, so use a lip balm underneath to get a subtle glow.

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