Wearing the same old eyeliner look can get boring day after day, but luckily there’s a new way to wear your eyeliner that will freshen up your look and turn date night prepping into an exciting affair.

Glamour magazine’s beauty blog spotted a two-toned eyeliner effect that Michelle Trachtenberg wore on the red carpet. The look featured a bold black wing-shape along the upper lash line and a softer, purple pencil line along the bottom lashes.

You can easily recreate this edgy makeup yourself as long as you have the right products. Try using a thick line liquid liner to create a sexy cat-eye along your top lashes. Then, use a shimmery pencil in a fun color like purple or blue to trace your lower lash line.

You’ll get a gorgeous affect that’s surprising because the color isn’t that noticeable from far away. The closer your dates get, the more likely they are to notice your fabulous makeup.

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