A lot has been happening in the world of nail fashion, which means that if you haven’t been paying close attention, some of the trendiest styles may have slipped by you unnoticed. If you’re looking for a few surefire ways to jazz up your manicure, grab your favorite Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers, a base coat and a top coat like Lippmann Collection – Addicted To Speed Ultra Quick-Dry Top Coat – then try these cute styles!

1. Blue. If you’re not really into nail art and just want to experiment with the latest colors, blue certainly won’t let you down. Whether it’s robin’s egg, navy, cobalt or some kind of teal hybrid, you can’t go wrong with this shade, reports Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog.

2. Unboring French manis. Ditch the peach and white – this trend relies on bolder color combinations. Whether you do a half-moon mani or a traditional French, choose complementary colors to amp up the cool factor.

3. Ombre glitter. Yes, the ombre trend is still huge – and luckily it’s easy to achieve. Simply paint your nails as usual, then add layers of glitter on just the top or bottom of your nails. Easy and so chic!

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