Social media is showing no signs of abating and we are all up for it. But being always camera ready is a bit difficult.

Of course we have a ton of filters now to fix what the camera ruins for us but what about the pics that other post of us? Your makeup might look fab IRL but it’s a total different story on camera.

Harsh lighting or usually, flash from the camera washes you out and makes your makeup look drab. All you need to do is add some extra definition to your face when you know your friends will be going all paparazzi on you.

Here are 7 makeup tricks to be always Instagram ready – without filters:

Go Minimal With The Base

The heavier the base, the more the chances of it looking uneven/cakey and washed out in pictures. It’s always a good idea to pick a base that has sheer coverage to just even out your skin tone, counteract the redness and give your skin a flawless touch.

Use a tool like beauty blender for absolutely seamless application and remember to blend out the foundation properly on your face AND your neck so that there is no hint of demarcation lines whatsoever.


Go Semi-Matte

While the hot weather demands a matte look, the all matte look can fall a bit flat in photos. However, going completely dewy can make you look extra shiny and OTT in pictures. The solution? Go semi-matte.

For foundation, pick something with a semi-matte finish. For colored makeup items, mix and match: for example, apply a matte blush and top it off with a metallic one for a duo chrome effect.


Go Silica Free

Ever seen celebrities with white patches under eyes and worse, all over the face? That’s the silica based face powder reflecting on the camera flash. Not a flattering look.

Avoid powders with silica high on the list. They might feel silky to touch, they might keep you matte but they will definitely not be photographing well under harsh lights. Use a loose powder to lightly dust your face to mattify excess shine without compromising your pictures.


Go Brighter

Harsh lighting will cancel out any and all subtle colors that you apply on your face, making you look flat with no facial dimensions. So if you are planning to get photographed, go a little heavy on the blush and the bronzer.

A bright colored blush will make sure that even under bright lights, it gives your cheeks  a gorgeous glow. Similarly, a good dose of bronzer will add extra warmth to your skin to make sure your face has some definition.


Go Precise Or Go Home 

For eyes, it’s important to be extra precise while applying your eye makeup. For the eye liner, use a precision tip liner to make sure the line is sharp and neat. Next up, take a flat brush, dip it in makeup remover and clean the edge of the liner in one sharp swoop. If you want to go an extra mile, take a small brush and dust a little powder at the edge of the liner to set it.

If you are going for a full on smokey eye look, apply all your colors as normal; however, be sure to blend really well and in the end, use a clean blending brush to diffuse the edges to remove any harsh lines. Under lighting, every unblended line will show up even worse.


Go Nude

Using a lip liner is always a good idea. It avoids the lipstick from bleeding or feathering and more often than not, it helps you change the shape of your lips to your liking. However, a lip liner usually appears harsh and unnatural in the photographs. So what do you do? You use a nude lip liner for the job.

Use a lip tone pencil to line your lips and make them appear full and pouty. Follow up with whichever lip color you are planning to wear and you get your choice of lips without giving away your liner secrets in the pictures.


Go Light

Brows can make or break your look. There is no arguing that but how do you make your eyebrows look their best in the pictures?

Use a brow color that is one shade lighter than your hair color to make them look natural and not too out there. If you have the choice, pick a brow product with a little sheen in it and apply using an angled brow brush for the best effect.

If you are more high maintenance, pick two shades for your eyebrows. One shade darker than the other. Start off with the lighter shade on two-thirds of your brows and then, finish the tail off using the darker shade for a more defined yet natural effect.


There you go, all set for Instagram modeling without filters. You are welcome.