Whether you think it’s the most overrated day of the year or not, whether you are single or not, being a girl, you don’t need an excuse to doll up and go out and about!

‘Tis the season to look gorgeous! Isn’t playing dress up and plunging into your makeup arsenal to put your best look forward the best part of the Holidays?

Have you decided on what you are going to wear and what makeup would go best with the theme of your Thanksgiving party? We thought not.

Everyone wants to look great at holiday parties.

There’s nothing quite like makeup products that are designed to make you both beautiful and healthy at the same time. This summer, take your skin’s health into consideration when choosing your makeup.

Sometimes, it’s just not feasible to be as rested as you’d like to look. Working full time, getting all your food groups and the recommended eight hours of sleep is a task cut out for a superwoman. Luckily, you can steal some easy makeup tips to help you fake the energy you lack.