Ombre is everywhere lately, whether on nails, hair or clothes. It’s basically just a gradual color change, and people are going wild for it. Lately, it’s even started to appear on lips, but some of the looks ladies have been rocking aren’t really appropriate for times when you want to look…well, normal. However, there is one way you can wear ombre lips without looking like you’re trying too hard.

According to The Beauty Department, you don’t even need two different shades of lipstick to pull this one off – it’s all about strategic blending. The only products you’ll need are a great lipstick, like one from Too Faced – Lip of Luxury, and a lip gloss (if you want a shiny finish), like one from Too Faced – Glamour Gloss.

Just apply the lipstick to your top lip, then press your lips together so some of the pigment transfers onto the bottom lip. You want it to be mostly concentrated on the top portion of your bottom lip. Now take a cotton swab and blend the line on your bottom lip before going back and applying another coat of lipstick to your top lip only. Finish with a coat of gloss, and you’re ready to rock the ombre lip trend!

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