We wouldn’t actually recommend stashing up on red popsicles just to get that perfect, stained pool-side pout that so many makeup artists strive to recreate, but you can stock up on great products and advice to better flaunt those bold summertime pouts.

“Your lips should look like you’ve just had a popsicle,” Jillian Dempsey told StyleList.com. “It’s a real easy and approachable way to wear the bold lip trend.”

How does one achieve this, persay? According to the news source, it’s best to either dab on a spot of lipstick with your finger versus slicking it on from the tube, or to forgo the lipstick altogether with a sheer, brightly-hued gloss.

Better yet, many women are opting for bold lip stains in hues of tangerine, honeysuckle and fire-engine red this summer. These work much the way a sheer gloss would, painting breathable-looking color onto your pout and promising to stay tight through all your drinks and meals.

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