We’re sure most of you have your whole fun-in-the-sun skincare routine down pat by now, but we wanted to throw in this one extra little reminder before you set off on your summer-long romp. Your hair needs protection too, so don’t leave your tresses out of the equation.

According to Refinery 29, it’s important to use a heat protector (as you may be subjecting your hair to natural or man-made heat from blow-dryers and curling irons) as well as a leave-in conditioner with UV protection.

“When your hair is exposed to extra stress from summer fun, it’s imperative to minimize damage from the start, so always use a heat protector,” hair stylist Theodore Leaf told the news source. “Start with damp hair and spray evenly from root to tip, then comb through.”

You may also find that the beach does quite a number on your luscious locks, so de-stress and de-tangle following a romp on the sands with some Hamadi Shea Spray for extra manageability.

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