While women may have to wait until spring to don the clothes displayed at New York Fashion Week, ladies everywhere can try out the various beauty trends that hit the runways. And, it seems that one look that dominated runways was rocking an orange-colored pout.

“I think a bright lip is an instant lift to any face, so it’s an especially fun thing to do for a fashion show,” makeup artist Dick Page told StyleList.com.

Beauty guru Gucci Westman seemed to agree. “The bright orange adds a freshness to a lot of the whites, greys, silvers mints…It also has a nice futuristic feeling without being too strange,” she told the news source. “Very wearable for spring with a squeaky clean face.”

And while the trend is posed to be big in spring, those anxious to embrace the citrus tint can do so in autumn – you’ll match the bright foliage and you’ll be ahead of the curve come springtime.

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