Women with hectic schedules may often find themselves hard pressed for time when getting ready for a big night out – after rushing home from the office, hopping in the shower and selecting an outfit, there may be a few precious minutes left to apply makeup.

However, a fantastic party look can be surprisingly easy to create with the aid of one phenomenal product – a bold-colored lipstick.

Wearing a deep red or berry lipstick is the simplest way to turn your look from drab to fab. And while you could simply slick on a quick coat of color and head out the door, you may want to apply a few additional cosmetics.

Instead of covering your face with foundation, which can be quite time consuming, just apply concealer to the problem areas that need to be hidden. Next, enhance your eyes with a nude, shimmery shadow and a couple coats of mascara, which will emphasizes your pretty peepers.

Outline your lips with a liner and pencil in your pout. This will keep your lip color from fading unevenly. Finally, apply a deep-hued lipstick, but take your time with this step, as small imperfections are especially noticeable when wearing a dark shade.

Toss the lipstick in your purse for periodic touch-ups throughout the night and you’re ready to go!

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