Recently, the beauty world has been buzzing about the cover of a Brazilian teen magazine, specifically whether or not the young pop star pictured was wearing makeup. While debates about cosmetics and photoshop are nothing new, what is surprising about this hoopla is the singer at the center of the debate – Justin Bieber.

According to, many analysts believe that Bieber is wearing eyeshadow, liner and blush in the cover shot. While the magazine, Star Todateen, claims that Bieber’s picture wasn’t altered, they didn’t specifically comment on whether the Baby singer was wearing makeup.

Whether or not Bieber was wearing mascara or not, sometimes a bit of makeup can do wonders for a person of any gender. After all, when a blemish pops up before a big event, who would blame a guy for applying a bit of concealer before heading out the door?

And of course, there are a plethora of male celebrities, from Adam Lambert to Pete Wentz, who famously don cosmetics in every day life. Cosmetics can quickly and easily hide flaws and enhance features, making them a great idea for women and men alike.

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