Chances are, you don’t always use every last smidgen of lipstick left in the tube. If you have several unfinished lipsticks in your possession that you’re hesitant to throw away, you might be interested in mixing up your own custom colors that will give new life to those old shades. Here’s the how-to, according to The Beauty Department.

You’ll need the old lipstick, as well as a new shade of BABOR – Classic Lip Color. A metallic lipstick can add shine to the old shade if it’s matte, or a nude shade can lighten up a dark color. It’s up to you to get creative with your combinations. You’ll also need a kitchen knife, a spoon and your stove during the process, as well as a clean cosmetics jar (available at beauty supply stores) to put the new color in.

Simply slice off pieces of each lipstick and place them on the spoon. Hold it about four inches over the flame of your stove and allow the lipsticks to melt. Use the spoon to mix the colors together for an even hue, then pour into the jar and let harden. That’s it! Once you have your gorgeous new shade, feel free to top it off with a bit of lipgloss to add dimension.

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