Kate Middleton has been the subject of so much talk in the months following the announcement of her engagement to Prince William, and with days (gasp!) left until the big day, people everywhere are itching with anticipation to see her get-up as she steps out before the world in Westminster Abbey.

There’s been enough talk about her dress to fill up an epic tome, but we’re especially curious to see what her wedding day makeup will look like. Since she’s doing it herself (take that, convention!), it’s interesting to consider whether she’ll doll herself up in her usual style or go for something a bit more daring and unique.

In any case, sources say Kate was spotted shopping for makeup last week, which leads us to presume she’s getting stocked for her big day. “Kate bought eye makeup and basics that were a shade darker than she usually uses in the winter,” a source told Us Weekly. “Something better suited to a tan.”

Perhaps Kate’s forecasting her makeup needs for her honeymoon, or maybe she’ll be sporting a bit of a darker complexion than her usual ivory self on April 29. Whatever the case, we’re sure she’ll look fantastic.

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