Makeup, like all things, is transient – but that doesn’t mean it needs to give up on you before you’re ready for it to. To make sure that your makeup outlasts the stresses of the day, here are a few essential products all ladies should have in their makeup bags.

1. Base primer (for face and eyes). Primer is not the same thing as foundation – it’s actually a bit airier and it works to even out the skin’s texture before you apply your makeup, also serving to keep it there for longer. As for the eyes, you’ll never have to worry about creased or smudged eyeshadow when you’ve got a base primer working to back you up.

2. Translucent powder. This is one catch-all item that has more uses than you’d think at first glance. Beyond helping to keep your face makeup intact, powder can also be used on the eyes and lips to keep eyeliner from smearing and provide a more resilient base for your lip color.

3. Waterproof mascara. You may be privy to all kinds of environmental (and internal) stresses throughout the day, so make sure your mascara doesn’t run away with you too.

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