We’ve talked about matching eyeshadow to one’s hair color, matching or contrasting your shadow to your irises, and now, we’re exploring the possibility of finding one’s perfect lipstick shade by using your eye color as a reference. No, we’re not suggesting that blue-eyed gals get freaky with a tube of sapphire lipstick – the advice is much more subtle than that.

According Allure.com, makeup artist Tim Quinn maintains that any lady can look good with a red pout, provided she knows how to bring out her eyes. Quinn recommends orangey-red lipstick for light brown, hazel or green eyes, “Wonder Woman” red for blue-eyed gals and berry tints for those with dark brown eyes, which normally have tints of mahogany and purple.

In this same vein, we wonder if this provides a good basis for lipsticks of all color families. See for yourself – do those with brown tints in their eyes generally look best in taupe, bronze or brown lip stains? And can you emulate that fresh blue tint in cool tones of pink for blue-eyed ladies. We’d say there’s a whole lot of other factors that go into the decision as well (such as skin tone, hair color and so on), but it’s always fun to have a basis for experimentation.

If you’d like to discover more lipstick options and bolder colors, check out Lipstick Queen.

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