Some women are truly legends in the beauty world, and Sarah Doukas may be one of them. She founded Storm Model Management in 1987 in London, England, and just one year later, Doukas discovered Kate Moss at JFK Airport in New York City and signed her to the agency.

“Beauty has always fascinated me,” Doukas wrote in The Telegraph. “My mother was never interested, but my paternal grandmother was mad about products. She had drawers full of lipsticks and nail polishes. I was like a kid in a candy shop.”

Doukas estimates that she spends approximately £250 (roughly $400) a month on beauty products – usually foundation sticks and lipsticks.

However, while Doukas is immersed in an industry obsessed with youth and glamor, it seems that she hasn’t let the criticisms get to her.

“One good thing about getting older is that your confidence grows. I’m no longer paranoid about how I look or about my shortcomings,” she added. “…I’ve never felt any pressure being surrounded by young models at work. A lot of my friends don’t want to come into Storm as they feel intimidated, but I’ve never been that way.”

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