Even with the best cosmetics and the most precise techniques, there is one component that could seriously hinder a flawless makeup application – bad lighting. Unfortunate lighting can alter how colors look on your skin, leading you too apply too little (or too much) product.

However, it can be tricky to determine the ideal lighting situation when applying cosmetics given the amount of options you have.

“Natural daylight is best because it’s unforgiving – you can see everything – but not harsh, like fluorescent lighting you find in most offices,” makeup artist Pat McGrath writes in Allure magazine.

However, because ladies getting ready for an evening event don’t have the option of applying makeup with the help of sunlight, McGrath suggests using halogen bulbs.

“Fluorescent lights has a green cast that makes the skin look washed out and sickly. Incandescent bulbs [don’t] give you the same level of detail, so you run the risk of missing an area that’s not completely blended,” McGrath writes. “Halogen lighting is very close to daylight in its tone.”

So, next time you need to apply mascara or dab on some concealer, remember to stick with daylight or halogen bulbs for the best results.

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