In the modern world, there’s no “color by numbers” guide to show you where to put your makeup. Runway models (and the likes of Lady Gaga) have all teamed up to show us that where you apply your makeup is inconsequential as long as you can maintain a creative vision.

Most recently, the trend radars at Refinery 29 picked up on a rather unusual blush trend that’s been circulating the fashion circuits.

“We’ve noticed bright-pink blush straying from the norm and making moves to the lower cheeks…or traveling up toward the temples,” the news source reports. “Sure, the pros typically caution against over-application or deviating from the apples, but this shift in flush could be a new way to up your summer blush game. Or, should it just be labeled as blush-gone-crazy?”

This certainly isn’t your typical work-day look, so if you’re looking for a makeup style that’ll take you through your nine-to-five, forget it. This simple maneuver is ideal for a glamorous night out, however, so don’t be afraid to pick up a bright shade of mauve and add a bit of flush around your eyes and cheekbones. The result will be positively high fashion.

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