You rotate your outfits depending on the seasons, so why wouldn’t you change up your makeup as well? Your mug has different needs in the summertime, so choose your makeup products accordingly.

According to Cosmopolitan, it pays to switch out your regular pencil eyeliner for a liquid eyeliner formula instead. The liquid stuff tends to stay on your lids better than pencil formulas, which are prone to smudging. Opt for a waterproof variety (paired with waterproof mascara, of course) for the ultimate summer-ready finish.

The same general idea should apply to the rest of your makeup as well, as anything you put on your face in the summer is more apt to slide off in the heat. Use a primer (for both your face and your eyes) to help your makeup outlast the humidity and stay looking fresh from morning to night.

Once you’ve got your cosmetics where you want them, feel free to play around with color. Swap out your cabernet blush for something a bit more bronze, and do play up your lips with cherry red and fuchsia hues.

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