When you’re flipping through magazines, it can be hard to look away from the flawless eyeshadow, lipstick and mascara that celebrities flaunt as they pose on the red carpet. While you might feel like you need to have a professional makeup artist to achieve these looks, the fact of the matter is that anything is possible with the proper cosmetics!

You can easily look like a star by simply taking care of your skin, knowing the appropriate amount of makeup to wear and understanding which hues complement your skin tone. Here are some professional makeup tips from artists who’ve worked with the stars that you can use to your own advantage.

1. Pat on creamy foundation with a sponge.
Elle magazine reports that applying a creamy foundation with a brush can create streaks that make for a less-than-flawless look. Makeup artist Mary Burton, renowned for working with actress Angelina Jolie, recommends using a makeup sponge to apply your luxurious foundation. You’ll find it easier to create the perfect appearance that you strive for when it comes to your skin.

2. Always opt for waterproof eyeliner.
Ever wonder how stars’ eyeliner stays in place throughout award shows and after-parties? It might be their waterproof formulas! When in doubt, opt for a waterproof eyeliner that’ll keep your look intact throughout hours of wear. Even if you’re only going to be spending eight hours in the office, no one wants to see their eyeliner run halfway through the day. Invest in a professional product and you’ll see satisfying results.

3. Choose a moisturizing gloss or lipstick.
It’s no secret that certain lipsticks can dry out over time and leave you feeling uncomfortable. One way that celebrities keep their pouts plump and beautiful is by opting for lip gloss and lipstick that have moisturizing oils, according to DailyGlow.com. Be mindful of hydrating ingredients as you shop around for the perfect treatment for your lips.

4. Look for colorful eyeliner.
Cosmopolitan magazine states that one of the best celebrity makeup tricks you can add to your arsenal is using colorful eyeliner on your top lids. Skip the dramatic black and opt for something from the rainbow. Doing so can make your eyes appear larger and more intriguing. To go the extra mile, apply metallic silver on the inner corners of your eyes to create a stellar look.

5. Use a concealer brush.
When it comes to covering blemishes and unsightly pimples, it may be in your best interest to use a concealer brush to efficiently hide these flaws in your skin. This brush can give you more control over where the makeup goes. By cleaning your pores regularly and using a face scrub for your skin type, hopefully you won’t have to worry about covering up blemishes too often!

6. Go neutral if you’re using color on your eyes.
Glamour magazine recommends going neutral with the rest of your makeup if you’re using dramatic colors on your eyes. When selecting your lipstick, blush and bronzer, go plain and allow your natural beauty to shine. Then, apply bold colors to your eyes to make a memorable statement in true celebrity fashion.

Whether you have a big event to attend in the near future or you’re simply trying to rework your makeup routine, these six tips can help you see results. Even if you don’t see yourself looking like Angelina Jolie any time soon, you can increase your level of glamour by simply being mindful of these hints.

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