Let’s start the day with some truth bombs.

Fact #1 – A product that has been your skincare staple for years can still break you out any day.

Fact #2 –   The chances of your skincare staple breaking you out is higher than actually finding a skincare staple.

It is heartbreaking to be backstabbed by someone you have trusted for so long – but it’s all a part of growing up. Our skin changes as we grow – not only in the way it looks and feels but also in terms of what it needs.

From mass production of sebum to shortage of collagen, every five years or so, you will face a different set of skin concerns. That is a clear sign that you need a different skin care regimen. Today, we are going to talk about how you can switch up your skincare with every passing year.

We will discuss each life stage in detail but first, we need to lay out the three golden rules of skincare.

The Rule of Three

These are more of prerequisites than rules. You can’t get skincare right unless you stick to these rules.

Know Your Skin: How many words you can use to describe your skin? Oily, dry, combination, acne-prone, sensitive – these are just a few types of skin. Just because your friend got clear skin because she switched to a different facewash doesn’t mean you will get the same results from that product. Knowing your skin is the key to find products that can fulfill your skin’s need.

SPF – Sun gives us Vitamin D and it is important for healthy youthful skin. At the same time, sun gives us UV rays that can result in photoaging and thousands of skin-related issues including the higher risk of cancer. Not going out in the sun is almost impossible, and not recommended. But do make sure you are protecting your health and youth with a powerful sunscreen. It is not optional.

Layer Properly – We don’t really realize when we start to add more products to our skincare routine, but it is inevitable. However, it is important to know what goes under what. Otherwise, you will just end up wasting all those products, or worse, get a reaction. As a rule of thumb, lighter consistency products like serums and essence go before oils and creams.

Memorize these rules for these may be the only thing about your skincare routine that needn’t change over the years.

Colorful Teens

Teens is when most of us hit puberty so naturally, there is a lot of hormonal activity going inside the system. These activities often activate the sebum gland and that is why teens have it worse when it comes to oily skin. Many don’t even realize that they have a dry skin type.

Now, too much sebum causes clogging and that is where it starts to get ugly.

A simple three-step routine can help you get through your teens.

Cleanse: Keep your skin clean to prevent clogging of pores. Teens should go for a mild and gentle cleanser like Kidskin Gentle Skin conditioner.

Hydrate: Many teens don’t realize that their skin produces sebum to make for lack of hydration. Healthy hydrated skin won’t have that issue. Hydrate your skin with Natural Rose Petal Mist by Purvari. And drink plenty of water.

Protect: No one spends their teens You got out a lot during these years. That is why SPF is ever more important. Use Kidskin Daily Sunscreen with SPF 30 to minimize your chances of seeing fine lines in your tweens.

Youthful Tweens

Many people would tell you that you will see your first signs of aging in your 20s. We say it doesn’t have to be that way. If you have been good to your skin in your teens, you will have a youthful tween, but this is when you need to start a preventative skincare routine.

Here are three concerns you need to steer clear of:

Uneven Skin Tone: Uneven skin tone is often caused by free radicals in our system. Antioxidants like Vitamin C serum can play a vital role in revitalizing your skin. Add Institut Dermed Clinical Skincare’s Vital C serum and enjoy flawless bright glow in your 20s. Formulated with  L-Ascorbic Acid and Resveratrol, the serum improves the resiliency of the skin and gives out a youthful complexion.

Adult Acne: Adult acne can be caused by a lot of reasons including hormonal activity or underlying health issues. They are painful and can leave ugly scars to deal with. Try the overnight spot treatment with Clixit Acne Drying Lotion.

Prevention: If you have been good to your skin since your teens, you won’t notice lines and wrinkles in your 20s. But you should know that your collagen levels are naturally depleting and you gotta need something to prevent wrinkles and sagging for the next ten years. That is what we recommend Curavita Bay Natural Retonil Moisturizer.

Terrific 30s

The Thirties is quite an empowering time in one’s life. It is when you start getting comfortable in own skin. Of course, you will be more comfortable if your skin is flawless and firm. This is when you need to move on from moisturizers to potent products with active ingredients.

Here’s what you can do to stay gorgeous in the third decade of your life.

Serum: Retinol should be your ultimate skincare staple now. It is an active ingredient that can not only prevent aging but also reverse it to an extent. Your serum should also be rich in antioxidants. We recommend The Face Serum by J Nicole Skincare.

Eye Cream: Eyes seldom lie. They are the first one to reveal your age. Not if you start using the right eye serum to regain the firmness at the right time. Skogen Cosmetics Jasmine Collection Eye Serum will help you restore the firmness and elasticity of the skin around your eyes.

Extra treatments: Pamper your skin some more nourishing and moisturizing treatments like La Parfait LED Beauty Mask, a convenient and effective way to enhance collagen production through LED therapy.

Fabulous 40s

By 40s, our skin’s natural collagen reserves are almost depleted and the production almost shuts down. You need premium treatments to keep your skin firm and lifted. Here is what you need to invest in.

Rich Formula: Invest in products that take it one step ahead with their ingredients and deliver system. Noelle Australia Bushfood Luxury Certified Organic Protect & Lift Day Cream brings you the magical benefits of Kakadu Plum.

Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic Acid is the MVP of skincare. It is the lightweight ingredient that can do wonders for your skin. It will make your skin softer and plumper. It is one of the bestsellers for any skincare brand. Our top favorite, however, is the San Soucis Special Active Day Extra Care.

Collagen: Now is the best time to start with collagen supplements. It doesn’t get more effective than this. Our favorite is Thalgo Collagen 5000 Liquid Supplement.

Golden 50+

Jennifer Aniston just turned 50 and she is still the most gorgeous woman on this planet. She may say it’s all healthy lifestyle and yoga, we all know she probably has a thorough skincare routine. You too can stay just as gorgeous in your golden years. Here is how:

Probiotics: Your eyes should be your highest priority in this age since nothing screams ‘I’m fifty’ like crow’s feet and saggy lids. Let probiotics take care of these problems for you. We aren’t talking about supplements. We are talking about Aster Skincare Hydrating and Firming Eye Day Cream with Probiotics and Caffeine.

Facial Oils: Oils aren’t just about moisture. They contain nourishing ingredients and potent antioxidants. The benefits of facial oils are just endless. At this age, you should use premium oils to keep your skin pampered and nourished. Oridel Liquid Gem Regenerating Face Oil is an unmatched elixir that contains the essence of 16 different oils.

Décolletage: And lastly, don’t forget the neck and décolletage. This area is prone to sagging with age. Find a good product for Décolletage and massage this area every day to make sure it doesn’t look different from your face.

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  1. I Think Vitamin C Serum Would be the best Ingredient for the skin. From antiaging to wound healer. I would recommend to add vitamin c Serum in your skincare routine.

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