While most gals are prone to the occasional pimple, it seems that breakouts are more common during a woman’s period. According to StyleList.com, many experts recommend switching up your skincare routine during your cycle as the chemistry of your skin changes.

Industry expert Ellen Holder told the news source that fluctuations in hormones stimulate glands to produce more oil. Increased progesterone levels lead to water retention, which can swell the skin and make pores smaller, creating the perfect breeding ground for blemishes.

“Wash with a cleanser containing [between 2.5 to 5 percent] salicylic acid and treat any pimples with a cream containing benzoyl peroxide,” New York dermatologist Joshua Zeichner told the news outlet.

Bioelements offers a few products great for women trying to control breakouts. Bioelements Spotless Cleanser contains salicylic acid to prevent pimples yet is gentle enough to remove makeup, and the brand’s Breakout Control can be used up to three times a day to zap zits that have already appeared.

Experts recommend using these products three days before your period starts, as that’s when hormone levels begin to shift.

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